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The new AC standard is here, with up to 1.3Gbps datarate and 256-QAM modulation, and 80MHz channels. 802.11ac opens up new possibilities and speeds never possible before.

R11e-5HacT is our first MIMO 3×3 triple chain 802.11ac card in miniPCIe format, perfect for any RouterBOARD with miniPCIe slot, such as RB953, RB912, RB800, BaseBox etc.

The card features built-in LED indicators for wireless mode, connection status (connected, searching, disabled), TX and RX activity and wireless signal strength – just looking at the card will help with installation and alignment.

Product specifications :
Product code R11e-5HacT
Max power consumption 5W
Data Rate 1.3Gbps
802.11a Yes
802.11n Yes
Connector 3x MMCX
Format miniPCI-e
Chipset QCA9880
Output power 28dBm
Wireless standards 802.11a/n/ac
2GHz no
Bands 4920-6100 MHz
5GHz yes
Operating Temperature Starting -5C to +65C; Operating -30C to +65C
RouterOS compatibility Yes

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